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Born in 1989 in Covington, Kentucky, Jamour Chames is an American Contemporary Artist. Chames' began his career as a graphic designer. His graphic design work has been nationally published and televised on the National Geographic Channel, Macy's, Lifetime, TNT, The Biography Channel, Complex Magazine, A&E Television, and TV Guide Network. "Art is my passion and I want to change the world with it," says Chames. His fine art is very conceptual, striving to positively impact the viewer. Chames currently resides and works in New York City. 


Girl All Over The World Dubai
Girl All Over The World New York

Girl All Over The World collection is a tribute to women worldwide. It celebrates the advancement and progression of women throughout the world. In addition to celebrating women, Chames uses 'The Girl All Over the World to unite them. She transends culture, sex, race, and brings both men and women together in celebration of this vital cause. "She is every woman," Chames continues, "Women are the source of humanity and stability. They are incredible and often times overlooked, with this art collection I wanted to give them the credit they deserve. She no longer has to flex her muscle, because I see her brillance, and I will not rest until the rest of the world is on the same page. She is and have always been powerful and extremely important." 


2015 Jamour Chames. All Rights Reserved.

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